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INJU'RIOUS, adjective [Latin injurius.]

1. Wrongful; unjust; hurtful to the rights of another. That which impairs rights or prevents the enjoyment of them, is injurious

2. Hurtful to the person or health. Violence is injurious to the person, as intemperance is to the health.

3. Affecting with damage or loss. Indolence is injurious to property.

4. Mischievous; hurtful; as the injurious consequences of sin or folly.

5. Lessening or tarnishing reputation. The very suspicion of cowardice is injurious to a soldier's character.

6. Detractory; contumelious; hurting reputation; as, obscure hints as well as open detraction, are sometimes injurious to reputation.

7. In general, whatever gives pain to the body or mind, whatever impairs or destroys property or rights, whatever tarnishes reputation, whatever disturbs happiness, whatever retards prosperity or defeats the success of a good cause, is deemed injurious