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INTRODU'CE, verb transitive [Latin introduco; intro, within, and duco, to lead.]

1. To lead or bring in; to conduct or usher into a place; as, to introduce a person into a drawing room.

2. To conduct and make known; to bring to be acquainted; as, to introduce a stranger to a person; to introduce a foreign minister to a prince.

3. To bring something new into notice or practice; as, to introduce a new fashion, or a new remedy for a disease; to introduce an improved mode of tillage.

4. To bring in; to import; as, to introduce foreign goods.

5. To produce; to cause to exist; as, to introduce habits into children.

6. To begin; to open to notice, He introduced the subject with a long preface.

7. To bring before the public by writing or discourse; as, to introduce one's self to notice or to the public.