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INVER'SION, noun [Latin inversio. See Invert.]

1. Change of order, so that the last becomes first and the first last; a turning or change of the natural order of things.

It is just the inversion of an act of parliament; your Lordship first signed it, and then it was passed among the lords and commons.

2. Change of places, so that each takes the place of the other.

3. A turning backwards; a contrary rule of operation. Problems in geometry and arithmetic are often proved by inversion as division by multiplication, and multiplication by division.

4. In grammar, a change of the natural order of words; as, 'of all vices, impurity is one of the most detestable.' instead of 'impurity is one of the most detestable of all vices.'

5. In music, the change of position either of a subject or of a chord.