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KNIT, verb transitive nit. preterit tense and participle passive knit or knitted. [Latin nodo, whence nodus, Eng. knot.]

1. To unite, as threads by needles; to connect in a kind of net-work; as, to knit a stocking.

2. To unite closely; as, let our hearts be knit together in love.

3. To join or cause to grow together.

Nature cannot knit the bones, while the parts are under a discharge.

4. To tie; to fasten.

And he saw heaven opened, and a certain vessel descending to him, as it were a great sheet knit at the four corners. Acts 10:11.

5. To draw together; to contract; as, to knit the brows.

KNIT, verb intransitive nit. To unite or interweave by needles.

1. To unite closely; to grow together. Broken bones will in time knit and become sound.

KNIT, noun nit. Union by knitting; texture. [Little Used.]