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LEE, noun plural less. Dregs; sediment. [See Lees.]

LEE, noun

Literally, a calm or sheltered place, a place defended from the wind; hence, that part of the hemisphers towards which the wind blows, as opposed to that from which it proceeds.

Under the lee denotes properly, in the part defended from the wind.

Under the lee of the land, is properly, near the shore which breaks the force of the wind.

Under the lee of a ship, on the side opposite to that on which the wind blows.

LEE, verb intransitive To lie. [Not used. See Lie.]

LEE'-BOARD, noun A frame of plant affixed to the side of a flat-bottomed vessel, to prevent it from falling to leeward when close-hauled.

LEE'-GAGE, noun A greater distance from the point whence the wind blows, than another vessel has.