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MINU'TE, adjective [Latin minutus.]

1. Very small, little or slender; of very small bulk or size; small in consequence; as a minute grain of sand; a minute filament. The blood circulates through very minute vessels. minute divisions of a subject often perplex the understanding. minute details are tedious.

2. Attending to small things; critical; as minute observation.

MINUTE, noun min'it. [Latin minutum, that is, a small portion.]

1. A small portion of time or duration, being the sixtieth part of an hour.

Since you are not sure of a minute throw not away an hour.

2. In geometry, the sixtieth part of a degree of a circle.

3. In architecture, the sixtieth, but sometimes the thirtieth part of a module.

4. A space of time indefinitely small. I will be with you in a minute or in a few minutes, that is, in a short time.

5. A short sketch of any agreement or other subject, taken in writing; a note to preserve the memory of any thing; as, to take minutes of a contract; to take minutes of a conversation or debate.

MINUTE, verb transitive min'it. To set down a short sketch or note of any agreement or other subject in writing.