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ODDS, noun s as z. [It is used both in the singular and plural.]

1. Inequality; excess of either compared with the other; difference in favor of one and against another.

Preeminent by so much odds

In this example, much marks the singular number, and many cannot be used.

Cromwell, with odds of number and of fate -

All the odds between them has been the different scope given to their understandings to range in.

Judging is balancing an account and determining on which side the odds lie.

There appeared at least four to one odds against them.

2. Advantage; superiority.

3. Quarrel; dispute; debate.

It is odds more likely than the contrary. It is odds that he will find a shrewd temptation.

At odds in dispute; at variance; in controversy or quarrel.

That sets us all at odds

Or they must always be at odds