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OVERLOOK', verb transitive

1. To view from a higher place; applied to persons; as, to stand on a hill and overlook a city.

2. To stand in a more elevated place, or to rise so high as to afford the means of looking down on; applied to things. The tower overlooked the town.

3. To see from behind or over the shoulder of another; to see from a higher position; as, to overlook a paper when one is writing.

4. To view fully; to peruse.

5. To inspect; to superintend; to oversee; implying care and watchfulness.

He was present in person to overlook the magistrates.

6. To review; to examine a second time or with care.

The time and care that are required to overlook and file and polish well.

7. To pass by indulgently; to excuse; not to punish or censure; as, to overlook faults.

8. To neglect; to slight.

They overlook truth in the judgment they pass on adversity and prosperity.