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PROS'PECT, noun [Latin prospectus, prospicio, to look forward; pro and specio, to see.]

1. View of things within the reach of the eye.

Eden and all the coast in prospect lay.

2. View of things to come; intellectual sight; expectation. The good man enjoys the prospect of future felicity.

3. That which is presented to the eye; the place and the objects seen. There is a noble prospect from the dome of the state house in Boston, a prospect diversified with land and water, and every thing that can please the eye.

4. Object of view.

Man to himself

Is a large prospect

5. View delineated or painted; picturesque representation of a landscape.

6. Place which affords an extended view.

7. Position of the front of a building; as a prospect towards the south or north. Ezekiel 40:44.

8. Expectation, or ground of expectation. There is a prospect of a good harvest. A man has a prospect of preferment; or he has little prospect of success.

9. A looking forward; a regard to something future.

Is he a prudent man as to his temporal estate, who lays designs only for a day, without any prospect to or provision for the remaining part of life? [Little used.]