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RE'GENT, adjective [Latin regens, from rego, to rule.

1. Ruling; governing; as a regent principle.

2. Exercising vicarious authority.

Queen regent a queen who governs; opposed to queen consort.

RE'GENT, noun

1. A governor; a ruler; in a general sense; as Uriel, regent of the sun.

2. One invested with vicarious authority; one who governs a kingdom in the minority, absence or disability of the king.

3. In colleges, a teacher of arts and sciences, having pupils under his care, generally of the lower classes; those who instruct the higher classes being called professors.

4. In English universities, a master of arts under five years standing, and a doctor under two.

5. In the state of New york, the member of a corporate body which is invested with the superintendence of all the colleges, academies and schools in the state. This board consists of twenty one members, who are called 'the regents of the university of the state of New York.' They are appointed and removable by the legislature. They have power to grant acts of incorporation for colleges, to visit and inspect all colleges, academies and schools, and to make regulations for governing the same.