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RESULT', v.i s as z. [Latin resulto, resilio; re and salio, to leap.]

1. to leap back; to rebound.

The huge round stone, resulting with a bound -

2. To preceed, spring or rise, as a consequence, from facts, arguments, premises, conbination of circumstances, consultation or meditation. Evidence results from testimony, or from a variety of concurring circumstances; pleasure results from friendship; harmony results from certain accordances of sounds.

Pleasure and peace naturally result from a holy and good life.

3. To come to a conclusion or determination. the council resulted in recommending harmony and peace to the parties.

RESULT', noun

1. Resilience; act of flying back.

Sound is produced between the string and the air, by the return of the result of the string.

2. Consequence; conclusion; inference; effect; that which proceeds naturally or logically from facts, premises or the state of things; as the result of reasoning; the result of reflection; the result of a consultation or council; the result of a legislative debate.

3. Consequence or effect.

The misery of sinners will be the natural result of their vile affections and criminal indulgences.

4. The decision or determination of a council or deliberative assembly; as the result of an ecclesiastical council.