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ROUGHNESS, noun ruf'ness.

1. Unevenness of surface, occasioned by small prominences; asperity of surface; as the roughness of a board, of a floor, or of a rock.

2. Austereness to the taste; as the roughness of sloes.

3. Taste of astringency.

4. Harshness to the ear; as the roughness of sounds.

5. Ruggedness of temper; harshness; austerity.

6. Coarseness of manners or behavior; rudeness.

Severity breedeth fear; but roughness breedeth hate.

7. Want of delicacy or refinement; as military roughness

8. Severity; harshness or violence of discipline.

9. Violence of operation in medicines.

10. Unpolished or unfinished state; as the roughness of a gem or a draught.

11. Inelegance of dress or appearance.

12. Tempestuousness; boisterousness; as of winds or weather.

13. Violent agitation by wind; as the roughness of the sea in a storm.

14. Coarseness of features.