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RUG'GED, adjective [from the root of rug, rough, which see.]

1. Rough; full of asperities on the surface; broken into sharp or irregular points or crags, or otherwise uneven; as a rugged mountain; a rugged road.

2. Uneven; not neat or regular.

His well proportion'd beard made rough and rugged

3. Rough in temper; harsh; hard; crabbed; austere.

4. Stormy; turbulent; tempestuous; as rugged weather; a rugged season.

5. Rough to the ear; harsh; grating; as a rugged verse in poetry; rugged prose.

6. Sour; surly; frowning; wrinkled; as rugged looks.

7. Violent; rude; boisterous.

8. Rough; shaggy; as a rugged bear.

9. In botany, scabrous; rough with tubercles or stiff points; as a leaf or stem.