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SENSELESS, adjective sens'less.

1. Wanting the faculty of perception. The body when dead is senseless; but a limb or other part of the body may be senseless, when the rest of the boky enjoys its usual sensibility.

2. Unfelling; wanting sympathy.

The senseless feels not your pious sorrows. Rowe.

3. Unreasonable; foolish; stupid.

They would repent this their senseless perverseness, when it would be to late.


4. Unreasonable; stupid; acting without sense or judgement.

Ther were a senseless stupid race. Swift.

5. Contrary to reason or sound judgement; as, to destroy by a senseless fondness the happiness of children.

6. Wanting knowledge; unconscious; with of; as libertiness, senseless of any charm in love.

7. Wanting sensibility or quick perception.