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1. The act of putting any thing on board of another ship or vessel; embarkation; as, he engaged in the shipment of coal for London.

2. The goods or things shipped, or put on board of another ship or vessel. We say, the merchants have made large shipments to the United States.

The question is whether the share of M in the shipment is exempted from the condemnation by reason of his nuetral domicil. J. Story.

SHIP'-MONEY, noun [ship and money.] In English history, the imosition formerly charged on the ports, towns, cities, boroughs and counties of England, for providing and furnishing certain ships for the king's service. This imosition being laid by the king's writ under the great seal, without the consent of the parliament, was held to contrary to the laws and statutes of th erealm, and abolished by Stat. 17 Car. 11.