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SHIV'ER, noun

1. In mineralogy, a species of blue slate; shist; shale.

2. In seamen's language, a little wheel; a sheeve.

SHIV'ER, verb transitive [supra. Qu. Heb. to break in pieces. Class Br. No.26.] To break into many small pieces or splinters; to shatter; to dash to pieces by a blow.

The ground with shiver'd armor strown. Milton.

SHIV'ER, verb intransitive

1. To fell at once into many small pieces or parts.

The natural world, should gravity once cease, would instantly shiver into of millions of atoms. Woodward.

2. To quake; to tremble; to shudder; to shake, as with cold, ague; fear or horror.

The man that shiver'd on the brink of sin. Dryden.

Prometeus is laid

On icy Caucasus to shiver. Swift.

3. To be affected with a thrilling sensation, like that of chillness.

Any very harsh noise will set the teeth on edge, and make all the body shiver.


SHIV'ER, noun

1. A small piece or fragment into which a thing breaks by any sudden violence.

He would pound thee into shivers with his fist, as a sailor breaks his biscuit.


2. A slice; a sliver.