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SMOOTH, adjective [Latin mitis.]

1. Having an even surface, or a surface so even that no roughness or points are perceptible to the touch; not rough; as smooth glass; smooth porcelain. The out lines must be smooth imperceptible to the touch.

2. To free from obstruction; to make easy. Thou, Abelard, the last sad office pay, And smooth my passage to the realms of day.

3. To free from harshness; to make flowing. In their motions harmony divine so smooths her charming tones.'

4. To palliate; to soften; as, to smooth a fault.

5. To calm; to mollify; to allay. Each perturbation smooth'd with outward calm.

6. To ease. The difficulty smoothed.

7. To flatter; to soften with blandishments. Because I cannot flatter and look fair, smile in men's faces, smooth deceive and coy.