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SOUSE, noun

1. Pickle made with salt.

2. Something kept or steeped on pickle.

3. The ears, feet, etc. of swine. [America.]

SOUSE, verb transitive

1. To steep in pickle. But souse the cabbage with a bounteous heart.

2. To plunge into water. They soused me into the Thames, with as little remorse as they drown blind puppies.

SOUSE, verb intransitive [See Soss. This word is probably the same as the preceding, to plunge, to dip; I believe from the Armoric.] To fall suddenly on; to rush with speed; as a hawk on its prey. Jove's bird will souse upon the tim'rous hare.

SOUSE, verb transitive To strike with sudden violence.

SOUSE, adverb With sudden violence. [This word is low and vulgar.]