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STARE, noun A bird, the starling.

STARE, verb intransitive The sense then is to open or extend, and it seems to be closely allied to G., stiff, and to starch, stern, which imply straining, tension.]

1. To gaze; to look with fixed eyes wide open; to fasten an earnest look on some object. Staring is produced by wonder, surprise, stupidity, horror, fright and sometimes by eagerness to hear or learn something, sometimes by impudence. We say, he stared with astonishment.

Look not big, nor stare nor fret.

2. To stand out; to be prominent.

Take off all the staring straws and jaggs in the hive. [Not used.]

To stare in the face, to be before the eyes or undeniably evident.

The law stares them int he face, while they are breaking it.

STARE, noun A fixed look with eyes wide open.