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TREBLE, adjective trib'l. [Latin triplex, triplus; tres, three, and plexus, fold. This should be written trible.]

1. Threefold; triple; as a lofty tower with treble walls.

2. In music, acute; sharp; as a treble sound.

3. That plays the highest part or most acute sounds; that plays the treble; as a treble violin.

TREBLE, noun trib'l. In music, the part of a symphony whose sounds are highest or most acute. This is divided into first or highest treble and second or base treble

TREBLE, verb transitive trib'l. [Latin triplico.] To make thrice as much; to make threefold. Compound interest soon trebles a debt.

TREBLE, verb intransitive trib'l. To become threefold. A debt at compound interest soon trebles in amount.