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CULTIVATE, verb transitive [Latin , to till, to dwell.]

1. To till; to prepare for crops; to manure, plow, dress, sow and reap; to labor on manage and improve in husbandry; as, to cultivate land; to cultivate a farm.

2. To improve by labor or study; to advance the growth of; to refine and improve by correction of faults, and enlargement of powers or good qualities; as, to cultivate talents; to cultivate a taste for poetry.

3. To study; to labor to improve or advance; as, to cultivate philosophy; to cultivate the mind.

4. To cherish; to foster; to labor to promote and increase; as, to cultivate the love of excellence; to cultivate gracious affections.

5. To improve; to meliorate, or to labor to make better; to correct; to civilize; as, to cultivate the wild savage.

6. To raise or produce by tillage; as, to cultivate corn or grass.