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DEFORM, verb transitive [Latin Form.]

1. To mar or injure the form; to alter that form or disposition of parts which is natural and esteemed beautiful, and thus to render it displeasing to the eye; to disfigure; as, a hump on the back deforms the body.

2. To render ugly or displeasing, by exterior applications or appendages; as, to deform the face by paint, or the person by unbecoming dress.

3. To render displeasing.

Wintry blasts deform the year.

4. To injure and render displeasing or disgusting; to disgrace; to disfigure moral beauty; as, all vices deform the character of rational beings.

5. To dishonor; to make ungraceful.

DEFORM, adjective Disfigured; being of an unnatural, distorted, or disproportioned form; displeasing to the eye.

Sight so deform what heart of rock could long

Dry-eyed behold?