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LEV'Y, verb transitive [Latin levo; Eng. to lift.]

1. To raise; to collect. To levy troops, is to enlist or to order men into public service. To levy an army, is to collect troops and form an army by enrollment, conscription or other means.

2. To raise; to collect by assessment; as, to levy taxes, toll tribute, or contributions.

To levy war, is to raise or begin war; to take arms for attack; to attack.

To levy a fine, to commence and carry on a suit for assuring the title to lands or tenements.

LEV'Y, noun

1. The act of collecting men for military, or other public service, as by enlistment, enrollment or other means. 1 Kings 9:15.

2. Troops collected; an army raised. 1 Kings 5:13.

3. The act of collecting money for public use by tax or other imposition.

4. War raised. [Not in use.]