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TRANSFORM', verb transitive [Latin trans and forma.]

1. To change the form of; to change the shape or appearance; to metamorphose; as a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly.

2. To change one substance into another; to transmute. The alchimists sought to transform lead into gold.

3. In theology, to change the natural disposition and temper of man from a state of enmity to God and his law, into the image of God, or into a disposition and temper conformed to the will of God.

Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2.

4. To change the elements, bread and wine, into the flesh and blood of Christ.

5. Among the mystics, to change the contemplative soul into a divine substance, by which it is lost or swallowed up in the divine nature.

6. In algebra, to change an equation into another of a different form, but of equal value.

TRANSFORM', verb intransitive To be changed in form; to be metamorphosed.

His hair transforms to down.