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ABET' verb transitive [Sax. betan, gebatan; properly to push forward, to advance; hence to amend, to revive, to restore, to make better; and applied to fire, to increase the flame, to excite, to promote. Hence to aid by encouraging or instigating. Hence in Saxon, 'Na bete nan man that fyr.' Let no man bet, [better, excite] the fire, LL. Ina. 78.]

1. To encourage by aid or countenance, but now used chiefly in a bad sense. 'To abet an opinion, ' in the sense of support, is used by Bishop Cumberland; but this use is hardly allowable.

2. In law, to encourage, counsel, incite or assist in a criminal act.

ABET', noun The act of aiding or encouraging in a crime. [Not used.]