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ABLE, adjective a'bl. [Latin habitis]

1. Having physical power sufficient; having competent power or strength, bodily or mental; as a man able to perform military service - a child is not able to reason on abstract subjects.

2. Having strong or unusual powers of mind, or intellectual qualifications; as an able minister.

Provide out of all Israel able men. Exodus 18:18.

3. Having large or competent property; or simply have property, or means.

Every man shall give as he is able Deuteronomy 16:17.

4. Having competent strength or fortitude.

He is not able to sustain such pain or affliction.

5. Having sufficient knowledge or skill.

He is able to speak French.

She is not able to play on the piano.

6. Having competent moral power or qualifications.

An illegitimate son is not able to take by inheritance.