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AG'GREGATE, verb intransitive [Latin aggrego, to collect in troops, of ad and grex, a herd or band. See Gregarious.]

To bring together; to collect particulars into a sum, mass or body.

AG'GREGATE, adjective Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; as, the aggregate amount of charges.

Aggregate flowers, in botany, are such as are composed of florets united by means of the receptacle or calyx.

Aggregate corporation, in law, is one which consists of two or more persons united, whose existence is preserved by a succession of new members.

AG'GREGATE, noun A sum, mass or assemblage of particulars; as, a house is an aggregate of stones, bricks, timber, etc. It differs from a compound in this, that the particulars of an aggregate are less intimately mixed than in a compound.