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AL'ABASTER, noun [Latin from Gr.]

A sub-variety of carbonate of lime, found in large masses, formed by the deposition of calcarious particles in caverns of limestone rocks. These concretions have a foliated, fibrous or granular structure, and are of a pure white color, or more generally they present shades of yellow, red or brown, in undulating or concentric stripes, or in spots.

Among the ancients, alabaster was also the name of a vessel in which odoriferous liquors were kept; so called from the stone of which it was made. Also, the name of a measure, containing ten ounces of wine or nine of oil.

AL'ABASTER, adjective Made of alabaster or resembling it.

Alabastrum dendroide, a kind of laminated alabaster variegated with figures of shrubs and trees, found in the province of Hohenstein.