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ANNIVERS'ARY, adjective [Latin anniversarius, of annus, year, and verto, to turn.]

Returning with the year, at a stated time; annual; yearly; as an anniversary feast.


1. A stated day returning with the revolution of the year. The term is applied to a day on which some remarkable event is annually celebrated, or a day on which an interesting event is commemorated by solemnities of religion, or exhibitions of respect. In the Romish church, a day in which an office is yearly performed for the souls of the deceased.

2. The act of celebration; performance in honor of an event.

ANNO DOMINI. [Latin] In the year of our Lord, noting the time from our Savior's incarnation; as Anno Domini, or adjective D. 1800.

This was written Anno Domini, 1809 and revised adjective D. 1825 and 1827.