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'ASPECT, noun [Latin aspectus, from aspicio, to look on, of ad and specio, to see or look.]

1. Look; view; appearance to the eye or the mind; as, to present an object or a subject in its true aspect or under a double aspect So we say, public affairs have a favorable aspect

2. Countenance; look, or particular appearance of the face; as a mild or severe aspect

3. View; sight; act of seeing. [This sense is now unusual.]

4. Position or situation with regard to seeing, or that position which enables one to look in a particular direction; as, a house has a southern aspect that is, a position which faces or looks to the south.

5. In astronomy, the situation of one planet with respect to another. The aspects are five sextile, when the planets are 60 degrees distant; quartile or quadrate, when their distance is 90 degrees, or the quarter of a circle; trine, when the distance is 120 degrees; opposition, when the distance is 180 degrees, or half a circle; and conjunction, when they are in the same degree.

ASPECT', verb transitive To behold. [Not used.]