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ASSU'ME, verb transitive [Latin assumo, of ad and sumo, to take.]

1. To take or take upon one. If differs from receive, in not implying an offer to give.

The God assumed his native form again.

2. To take what is not just; to take with arrogant claims; to arrogate; to seize unjustly; as, to assume haughty airs; to assume unwarrantable powers.

3. To take for granted, or without proof; to suppose as a fact; as, to assume a principle in reasoning.

4. To appropriate, or take to one's self; as, to assume the debts of another.

5. To take what is fictitious; to pretend to possess; to take in appearance; as, to assume the garb of humility.

ASSUME, verb intransitive

1. To be arrogant; to claim more than is due.

2. In law, to take upon one's self an obligation; to undertake or promise; as, A assumed upon himself, and promised to pay.