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ATTRIB'UTE, verb transitive [Latin attribuo; ad and tribuo, to divide, to bestow, to assign; tribus, a tribe, division or ward. See Tribe.]

1. To allot or attach, in contemplation; to ascribe; to consider as belonging.

We attribute nothing to God, that contains a contradiction.

2. To give as due; to yield as an act of the mind; as, to attribute to God all the glory of redemption.

3. To impute, as to a cause; as, our misfortunes are generally to be attributed to our follies or imprudence.


1. That which is attributed; that which is considered as belonging to, or inherent in; as, power and wisdom are attributes of the Supreme Being; or a quality determining something to be after a certain manner; as, extension is an attribute of body.

2. Quality; characteristic disposition; as bravery and generosity in men.

3. A thing belonging to another; an appendant; as the arms of a warrior. In painting and sculpture, a symbol of office or character, added to the principal figure; as a club is the attribute of Hercules.

4. Reputation; honor.

[Not a proper sense of this word.]