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BAD, adjective [Heb. to perish or destroy]

1. Ill; evil; opposed to good; a word of general use, denoting physical defects and moral faults, in men and things; as a bad man, a bad heart, a bad design, bad air, bad water, bad books.

2. Vicious; corrupt; depraved, in a moral sense; as a bad life; a bad action.

3. Unwholesome; as bad provisions.

4. Unfortunate; unprosperous; as a bad state of affairs.

5. Unskillful; as a bad player.

6. Small; poor; as a bad crop.

7. Infirm; as a bad state of health.

8. Feeble, corrupt, or oppressive; as a bad government.

9. Hurtful; pernicious; as, fine print is bad for the eyes.

10. Unfavorable; as a bad season.

11. Poor; sterile; as a bad soil.

12. Rough or muddy; as a bad road. In short, bad expresses whatever is injurious, hurtful, inconvenient, unlawful or immoral; whatever is offensive, painful or unfavorable; or what is defective.