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BARE, adjective [This word is from opening, separating, stripping.]

1. Naked, without covering; as, the arm is bare; the trees are bare

2. With the head uncovered, from respect.

3. Plain; simple; unadorned; without the polish of refined manners.

4. Laid open to view; detected; no longer concealed.

5. Poor; destitute; indigent; empty; unfurnished.

I have made Esau bare Jer.xlix.

6. Alone; unaccompanied.

7. Thread-bare; much worn.

8. Wanting clothes; or ill supplied with garments.

Under bare poles, at sea, signifies having no sail set.

It is often followed by of; as, the country is bare of money.

BARE, verb transitive [See bare adj.]

To strip off the covering; to make naked; as, to bare the breast.

BARE, the old preterit of bear, now bore.