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BAR'ROW, noun

1. A light small carriage. A hand-barrow is a frame covered in the middle with boards, and borne by and between two men.

A wheel-barrow, is a frame with a box, supported by one wheel, and rolled by a single man.

2. A wicker case, in salt works, where the salt is put to drain.

BAR'ROW, noun

1. In England, a hog; and according to Ash, obsolete. Barrow-grease is hog's lard.

2. In America, a male hog castrated; a word in common use.

BAR'ROW, noun In the names of places, barrow is used to signify a wood or grove.

BAR'ROW, noun A hillock or mound of earth, intended as a repository of the dead. Such barrows are found in England, in the North of the European continent, and in America. They sometimes were formed of stones, and in England called cairns. The barrow answers to the tumulus of the Latins. [See Tomb.]