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BAT'TERY, noun [See Beat.]

1. The act of battering, or beating.

2. The instrument of battering.

3. In the military art, a parapet thrown up to cover the gunners and others employed about them, from the enemy's shot, with the guns employed. Thus, to erect a battery is to form the parapet and mount the guns. The term is applied also to a number of guns ranged in order for battering, and to mortars used for a like purpose.

Cross batteries are two batteries which play athwart each other, forming an angle upon the object battered.

Battery d'enfilade, is one which scours or sweeps the whole line or length.

Battery en echarpe, is that which plays obliquely.

Battery de revers, is that which plays upon the enemy's back.

Camerade battery is when several guns play at the same time upon one place.

4. In law, the unlawful beating of another. The least violence or the touching of another in anger is a battery

5. In electrical apparatus and experiments, a number of coated jars placed in such a manner, that they may be charged at the same time, and discharged in the same manner. This is called an electrical battery

6. Galvanic battery a pile or series of plates of copper and zink, or of any substances suspectable of galvanic action.