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BIG, adjective

1. Bulky; protuberant; pregnant, applied to females. big in the sense of pregnant, is followed by with; as, big with child. The use of of, big of child, is not good English.

2. Great; large; in a more general sense; applied to any body or object.

3. Full; fraught, and about to have vent, or be brought forth.

The important day, big with the fate of Rome.

4. Distended; full, as with grief or passion.

Thy heart is big get thee apart and weep.

5. Swelled; tumid; inflated, as with pride; hence, haughty in air or mien, or indicating haughtiness; proud; as big looks; big words; to look big

6. Great in spirit; lofty; brave.

Have not I a heart as big as thine?

BIG, noun A kind of barley.