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BIND, verb transitive

1. To tie together, or confine with a cord, or any thing that is flexible; to fasten as with a band, fillet or ligature.

2. To gird, inwrap or involve; to confine by a wrapper, cover or bandage; sometimes with up; as, to bind up a wound.

3. To confine or restrain, as with a chain, fetters or cord; as, bind him hand and foot.

4. To restrain in any manner.

He bindeth the floods from overflowing. Job 28:11.

5. To oblige by a promise, vow, stipulation, covenant, law, duty or any other moral tie; to engage.

If a man shall swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond. Numbers 30:2.

We are bound by the laws of kindness, of nature, of a state, etc.

6. To confirm or ratify.

Whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven. Matthew 16:19.

7. To distress, trouble, or confine by infirmity.

Whom Satan hath bound these eighteen years. Luke 13:1.

8. To constrain by a powerful influence or persuasion.

I go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem. Acts 20:1.

9. To restrain the natural discharges of the bowels; to make costive; as, certain kinds of food bind the body or bowels.

10. To form a border; to fasten with a band, ribin, or any thing that strengthens the edges; as, to bind a garment or carpet.

11. To cover with leather or anything firm; to sew together and cover; as, to bind a book.

12. To cover or secure by a band; as, to bind a wheel with tire.

13. To oblige to serve, by contract; as, to bind an apprentice; often with out; as, to bind out a servant.

14. To make hard or firm; as, certain substances bind the earth.

To bind to is to contract; as, to bind one's self to a wife.

To bind over is to oblige by bond to appear at a court.

BIND, verb intransitive To contract; to grow hard or stiff; as, clay binds by heat.

1. To grow or become costive.

2. To be obligatory.

BIND, noun A stalk of hops, so called from its winding round a pole or tree, or being bound to it.

1. A bind of eels, is a quantity consisting of 10 strikes, each containing 25 eels, or 250 in the whole.

2. Among miners, indurated clay, when much mixed with the oxyd of iron.