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BIRTH, noun berth. [Latin partus, the participle of pario, to bear.]

1. The act of coming into life, or of being born. Except in poetry, it is generally applied to human beings; as the birth of a son.

2. Lineage; extraction; descent; as, Grecian birth

It is used of high or low extraction; but is often used by way of distinction for a descent from noble or honorable parents and ancestors; as a man of birth

3. The condition in which a person is born.

A foe by birth to Troy.

4. That which is born; that which is produced, whether animal or vegetable.

5. The act of bringing forth; as, she had two children at a birth

6. In a theological sense, regeneration is called the new birth

7. Origin; beginning; as the birth of an empire.

BIRTH, BERTH, noun A station in which a ship rider. [See Berth.]