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BIT, noun The iron part of a bridle which is inserted in the mouth of a horse, and its appendages, to which the reins are fastened. It includes the bit mouth, the branches, the curb, the sevel holes, the tranchefil and cross chains. Bits are of various kinds, as the musrol, snaffle, or watering bit; the canon mouth, jointed in the middle; the canon or fast mouth, all of a piece, kneed in the middle; the scatch-mouth; the masticador, or slavering bit; etc.

BIT, verb transitive To put a bridle upon a horse; to put the bit in the mouth.

BIT, preterit tense and participle passive of bite. Seized or wounded by the teeth.

BIT, noun A small piece; a mouthful, or morsel; a bite.

1. A small piece of any substance.

3. A small coin of the West Indies, a half pistareen, about ten cents, or five pence sterling.

4. The point of an auger, or other borer; the bite.

This word is used, like jot and whit, to express the smallest degree; as, he is not a bit wiser or better.