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BLACK'SMITH, noun [black and smith.] A smith who works in iron, and makes iron utensils; more properly, an iron-smith.

Black'-strakes, in a ship, are a range of planks immediately above the wales in a ship's side, covered with tar and lamp-black.

BLACK'-TAIL, noun [black and tail.] A fish, a kind of perch, called also a ruff or pope.

BLACK'-THORN, noun [black and thorn.] A species of prunus, called also sloe. It grows ten or twelve feet high, very branchy, and armed with sharp, strong spines, and bearing small, round, black cherries. It is much cultivated for hedges.

BLACK'-TIN, noun [black and tin.] Tin ore, when dressed, stamped and washed ready for melting. It is the ore comminuted by beating into a black power, like fine sand.

BLACK'-VISAGED, adjective Having a dark visage or appearance.

BLACK'-WADD, noun [black and wadd.] An ore of manganese, found in Derbyshire, England, and used as a drying ingredient in paints. It is remarkable for taking fire, when mixed with linseed oil in a certain proportion.

BLACK'-WORK, noun [black and work.] Iron wrought by black-smiths; so called in distinction from that wrought by white-smiths.

BLAD'-APPLE, noun In botany, the cactus or a species of it.