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BOD'Y, noun

1. The frame of an animal; the material substance of an animal, in distinction from the living principle of beasts, and the soul of man.

Be not anxious for your body

2. Matter, as opposed to spirit.

3. A person; a human being; sometimes alone; more generally, with some or no; as, somebody; nobody.

4. Reality, as opposed to representation.

A shadow of things to come, but the body is of Christ. Colossians 2:11

5. A collective mass; a number of individuals or particulars united; as the body of mankind. Christians united or the Church is called the body of which each Christian is a member, and Christ the head. 1 Corinthians 12:12.27.

6. The main army, in distinction from the wings, van or rear. Also, any number of forces under one commander.

7. A corporation; a number of men, united by a common tie, by one form of government, or by occupation; as the legislative body; the body of the clergy; body corporate; body politic.

8. The main part; the bulk; as the body of a tree; the body of a coach, of a ship, etc.

9. Any extended solid substance; matter; any substance or mass distinct from others; as a metaline body; a floating body; a moving body; a light body; a heavy body

10. A pandect; a general collection; a code; a system; as a body of laws; a body of divinity.

11. Strength; as wine of a good body

12. Among painters, colors bear a body when they are capable of being ground so fine, and of being mixed so entirely with oil, as to seem only a very thick oil of the same color.

13. The unrenewed part of man, or sensual affections.

But I keep under by body 1 Corinthians 9:27.

14. The extent; the limits.

Cause to come here on such a day, twelve free and lawful men--from the body of your county.

BOD'Y, verb transitive To produce in some form.

Imagination bodies forth the forms of things.