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BOG, noun

1. A quagmire covered with grass or other plants. It is defined by marsh, and morass, but differs from a marsh, as a part from the whole. Wet grounds are bogs, which are the softest and too soft to bear a man; marshes or fens, which are less soft, but very wet; and swamps, which are soft spongy land, upon the surface, but sustain man and beast, and are often mowed.

2. A little elevated spot or clump of earth, in marshes and swamps, filled with roots and grass. [This is a common use of the word in New England.]

BOG, verb transitive To whelm or plunge, as in mud and mire.

BOG'-BEAN, noun [bog and bean; called buck-bean.]

Menyanthes, a plant, the marsh-trefoil, which grows in moist and marshy places.

BOG'-BERRY, noun [bog and berry.] Vaccinium, a name of the cranberry growing in low lands and marshy places.