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BOLD, adjective

1. Daring; courageous; brave; intrepid; fearless; applied to men or other animals; as, bold as a lion.

2. Requiring courage in the execution; executed with spirit or boldness; planned with courage and spirit; as a bold enterprise.

3. Confident; not timorous.

We were bold in our God to speak to you. 1 Thessalonians 2:2.

4. In an ill sense, rude, forward, impudent.

5. Licentious; showing great liberty of fiction or expression; as, the figures of an author are bold

6. Standing out to view; striking to the eye; as bold figures in painting, sculpture and architecture.

7. Steep; abrupt; prominent; as a bold shore, which enters the water almost perpendicularly, so that ships can approach near to land without danger.

Where the bold cape its warning forehead rears.

To make bold to take freedoms; a common, but not a correct phrase. To be bold is better.

BOLD, verb transitive To make daring. [Not used.]