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BOLE, noun

1. The body, or stem of a tree. [Not in use.]

2. A measure of corn, containing six bushels.

BOLE, noun A kind of fine clay, often highly colored by iron. Its color is reddish yellow of various shades, often with a tinge of brown, sometimes passing to reddish, yellowish, or blackish brown, flesh red, or yellowish white. It is opake or a little translucid, especially at the edges, in the red and yellow varieties. It is compact and its fracture conchoidal. It is brittle, smooth, a little unctuous, and receives a polish from the finger nail. It adheres to the tongue, melts by degrees in the mouth and impresses a slight sense of astringency.

Armenian bole is of a bright red color, with a tinge of yellow, harder than the other kinds, and of a rough dusty surface.

BOLE of Blois is yellow, lighter than the other kinds, and it effervesces with acids.

Bohemian bole is of a yellow color, with a cast of red, and of a flaky texture.

French bole is of a pale red color, variegated with specks of white and yellow.

Lemnian bole is of a pale red color.

Silesian bole is of a pale yellow color.