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BOTCH, noun [Eng.patch.]

1. A swelling on the skin; a large ulcerous affection.

BOTCHes and blains must all his flesh imboss.

2. A patch, or the part of a garment patched or mended in a

clumsy manner; ill-finished work in mending.

3. That which resembles a botch; a part added clumsily; adventitious or ill-applied words.

If those words are not notorious botches, I am deceived.

BOTCH, verb transitive To mend or patch with a needle or awl, in a clumsy manner, as a garment; to mend or repair awkwardly, as a system of government.

1. To put together unsuitable, or unskillfully; to make use of unsuitable pieces.

For treason botched in rhyme will be thy bane.

2. To mark with botches.

Young Hylas botched with stains.