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BRA'ZEN, adjective brazn. Made of brass; as a brazen helmet.

1. Pertaining to brass; proceeding from brass; as a brazen din.

2. Impudent; having a front like brass.

Brazen age, or age of brass, in mythology, the age which succeeded the silver age, when men had degenerated from primitive purity.

Brazen dish, among miners, is the standard by which other dishes are gauged, and is kept in the king's hall.

Brazen sea, in Jewish antiquity, a huge vessel of brass, cast on the plain of Jordan, and placed in Solomon's temple. It was ten cubits from brim to brim, five in height, thirty in circumference, and contained 3000 baths. It was designed for the priests to wash themselves in, before they performed the service of the temple.

BRA'ZEN, verb intransitive brazn. To be impudent; to bully.