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CARD, noun

1. A paper or pasteboard of a oblong figure, on which are painted figures or points; used in games.

2. A blank piece of paper, or the like paper with some writing upon it, used in messages of civility, or business.

3. The paper on which the points of the compass are marked.

Reason the card but passion is the gale.

CARD, verb intransitive To play much at cards; to gain.

CARD, noun An instrument for combing, opening and breaking wool or flax, freeing it from the coarser parts, and from extraneous matter. It is made by inserting bent teeth of wire in a thick piece of leather, and nailing this to a piece of oblong board, to which a handle is attached.

CARD, verb transitive To comb, or open wool, flax, hemp, etc., with a card for the purpose of cleansing it of extraneous matter, separating the coarser parts, and making it fine and soft for spinning.