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1. The act of carrying, bearing, transporting, or conveying; as the carriage of sounds.

2. The act of taking by an enemy; conquest; acquisition.

3. That which carries, especially on wheels; a vehicle. This is a general term for a coach, chariot, chaise, gig, sulkey, or other vehicle on wheels, as a cannon-carriage on trucks, a block-carriage for mortars, and a truck-carriage. Appropriately the word is applied to a coach; and carts and wagons are rarely or never called carriages.

4. The price or expense of carrying.

5. That which is carried; burden; as baggage, vessels, furniture, etc.

And David left his carriage in the hands of the keeper of the carriage 1 Samuel 17:22.

6. In a moral sense, the manner of carrying ones self; behavior; conduct; deportment; personal manners.

7. Measures; practices; management.