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CENTER, noun

1. A point equally distant from the extremities of a line, figure or body; the middle point or place.

2. The middle or central object. In an army, the body of troops occupying the place in the line between the wings. In a fleet, the division between the van and rear of the line of battle, and between the weather division and lee, in the order of sailing.

3. A single body or house.

These institutions collected all authority into one center kings, nobles and people.

CENTER of gravity, in mechanics, the point about which all the parts of a body exactly balance each other.

CENTER o motion, the point which remains at rest, while all the other parts of a body move round it.

CENTER, verb transitive

1. To place on a center; to fix on a central point.

2. To collect to a point.

Thy joys are centered all in me alone.

CENTER, verb intransitive

1. To be collected to a point.

Our hopes must center on ourselves alone.

2. To be collected to a point; to rest on.

3. To be placed in the middle.